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We know families can be anxious about the evaluation process. To help put families and children at ease, we generally conduct evaluations in the child’s home or another setting chosen by the family where the child feels safe and comfortable. This helps to ensure that our evaluators obtain the most comprehensive and accurate assessment of each child’s abilities.

Our evaluators are highly trained and hold advanced degrees and NYS licensure and/or professional certifications in their areas of expertise. They utilize the most comprehensive and current assessment tools to determine the child’s developmental skill level in a variety of areas. In addition to formal testing tools, evaluators use parent reports, clinical observations and professional judgment to determine each child’s eligibility for therapy services.

Overview of the Evaluation Process
  • An evaluation is appropriate when a parent/guardian, teacher, physician or other person is concerned about areas of the child’s development.

  • For children up to three years of age, evaluation referrals are made to the local Health Department.

  • For children older than three, referrals are made to the school district in which the family resides.

  • A list of approved evaluation sites will be provided by the Health Department or school district. The parents/guardians choose which site will complete the evaluation and schedule an appointment.

  • The Bright Start evaluation team will go to the location chosen by the parents/guardians to conduct the evaluation. The team will gather background information and utilize various assessment tools to test the child’s developmental level in the areas of speech/language, motor, cognitive, social/emotional, behavior, sensory and adaptive skills. Upon completion of the evaluation, the team will share their results with the family, answer any questions and address any concerns the family may have.

  • If the team determines that the child is eligible for therapy services, we will schedule a meeting to determine the level of services the child will receive.

  • Evaluators will complete a detailed multidisciplinary report containing all testing results and observations made during the time spent with the child. A copy of this report will be provided to the parents and, with parental permission, will be sent to the child’s physician and/or any other professionals involved with the child.

Image by Shirota Yuri
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