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Bright Start Pediatric Services provides a wide range of comprehensive, high-quality therapy services including Multidisciplinary Evaluations, Speech Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Special Education Services for children birth- five years old. 

Special Education Services​

- Behavioral Intervention

-Cognitive Development

-Attention, Memory, Reasoning, Academic, Perception, and Conceptual Skills

-Adaptive Development

-Self-care Skills

-Personal-Social Development

-Adult Interaction, Peer Interaction, and Self Concept Skill

Physical Therapy

- Strengthening weak muscles

- Flexibility of muscles and joints

- coordination and balance

-Muscle tone

- Positioning to improve skill development

-Adapting equipment

​Speech & Language Therapy

​- Articulation Disorders

- Expressive Disorders

- Oral-Motor Difficulties

- Resonance/Voice Disorders

- Pronunciation Difficulties

- Communication Difficulties

Occupational Therapy​

- Pervasive Developmental Disorders

- Gross and Fine Motor Delays

- Developmental Delays
- Coordination & Balance Problems
- Attention & Concentration Problems
- Learning Problems

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